Speed and Cash game strategy

Is there a way to win more often and more in Speed n Cash? It is impossible to cheat, as the game is powered by Provably Fair technology and guarantees a fair result. However, you can increase your chances of luck if you stick to certain strategies and tactics. Speed and Cash strategies are based on the management of bets and slot modes.

How to win at Speed and Cash

“Speed and Cash” is a 1WIN crash game in which the multiplier goes up while the car is driving. Once the car is “stopped” by the police, the bet is burned. The point is to withdraw your earnings before the car is apprehended or driven away from the playing field. You can withdraw the money manually, or you can set up automatic withdrawal at a given rate. Also in the slot there is an option to bet on the winner of the race – the car that will exit the race at a more favorable odds.

This is a multiplayer slot and here each round starts automatically, regardless of the player’s willingness. That is why, the bet must be made in advance, while the previous race is going on. It is impossible to predict the result of the game, but the chances of winning depend largely on luck, skill and the competent application of strategies.

Strategy: apprehension

The goal is to have the opponent’s car detained earlier. In this case, the winnings increase. To use this method, select the automatic mode and deposit at least 500 rubles. Then there are good enough chances that the opponent’s car will be detained and the bets of other users will be divided.

Strategy: Acceleration

Several users agree to bet on an orange or blue car. They bet more money on one car in advance than on the other. The higher the bet, the bigger the winnings. Play should also be in auto mode.

Fixed Strategy Speed and Cash

The meaning of this method is to make the minimum bet at low odds. In this case, you take almost no risk because the machine usually always reaches a multiplier of x1.1, x1.2, etc. This is a long game, it will not bring instant big winnings, but it is almost guaranteed to help you earn. Even if you lose, you will not lose too much money, because the rate in this case is very small.

Tips for players

Experienced gamblers advise to play no more than 15 minutes in one session. There is an opinion that after 15 minutes the probability of catching a “crash” is higher.

To lose less, you can use another popular tactic, which is as follows:

  1. If the first bet lost, the second bet should be doubled. That is, if at first bet 100 rubles, then in the next round put 200. If the bet wins, its size remains the same.
  2. If the second bet also lost, then the third bet will be equal to the sum of the first two, multiplied by two. That is 100 200 rubles multiplied by x2 and we get 600.
  3. Then repeat everything again, adhering to this principle. Be sure to set the automatic mode cash withdrawal.

Conclusions and tips

There is no universal secret of winning in Speed-n-Cash, as it is a gambling game, and the main thing here is luck. However, you can adjust your level of risk by choosing certain game tactics.

  • Speed n Cash is a multiplayer crash game in which you can’t influence the outcome of the race, but you can increase your chances of success.
  • There are several strategies using which you can win more and risk less.
  • Limit the game session time to 15 minutes, as the probability of a crash increases and the player’s attention is dulled.
  • Bet only the amount that you are not afraid of losing. If you have only 5000 rubles on your deposit, don’t risk large sums.
  • Keep track of the statistics, which is given in the table on the left – the statistics will help to reveal a certain pattern of rising and falling odds.
  • If you play a blue car and you are unlucky several races in a row, bet on the orange one, or vice versa.
  • Choose only official online casino sites with licensed software.

The rules and recommendations are the same for computer and mobile versions of the slot.

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