Aviatrix game strategy

What does success in a popular crash game depend on? How to win more money? How not to lose the whole deposit? We offer to dive into the strategies of the game Aviatrix and study them in detail. Experienced players assure – if you use these schemes, the chances of success significantly increase.

How to win in the Aviatrix money game

The first simple rule is not to make hasty decisions. Despite the fact that the result of the round is not affected (it is based on an algorithm of random numbers), the player can adjust the size of the bets and influence when to take the winnings.

Aviatrix is at the top on most gambling sites and is popular with both beginners and experienced gamblers. The rules of the game are quite simple. The player bets before the plane takes off. Then the plane takes off and the multiplier also starts to grow. The task of the user is to land and withdraw the earnings before the airliner crashes and the money is burned.

Aviatrix game strategy for one bet

You can play Aviatrix with one bet or two bets. If you have just recently discovered this wonderful slot, it is recommended to start with one, because you take less risk.

Least risk tactic when playing for money Aviatrix

This method is used by professionals and beginners and is aimed at a gradual increase in the amount won. The minimum coefficient, from which the money begins to increase, is x1.1. The essence is to land the plane at low odds – x1.1, x1.2, x1.3, etc. Yes, the airplane may fall earlier, but in most cases it passes the mark x1.1. You do not risk much, while the chance of winning is good.

This strategy requires diligence and care. Yes, this approach does not promise you a huge profit in a short time, but it promises a systematic and stable result.

Moderate Risk Tactics in Aviatrix

While the previous approach is too slow and requires patience, the moderate risk tactic is a more dynamic play. For this strategy, it is important that the plane reaches x2-x3. Statistically, it reaches this mark in 40% of cases. To do this, the user needs to be able to analyze statistics and calculate a good time for the flight. This method can be called the golden mean, because in case of failure the losses are still not so great, and in case of victory the win is already tangible.

Risky tactics for fast earnings

The method is not suitable for beginners, because it requires an understanding of the statistics. Multipliers x100 and x200 fall out no more often than once every hour and a half and the gambler is hunting for them. Risk have a lot, because to calculate the time with accuracy is difficult, always have to rely on luck. If you combine this method with a tactic of least or moderate risk, you can achieve good results.

Aviatrix’s two betting strategy for two bets at the same time

What strategy options are available:

  1. Two equal bets. If you win, you get a double win and earn even at low odds.
  2. High Bet and Low Bet. Make one Bet at a value close to the minimum, and the second make more, such as 2-3 euros. Output the first at high multipliers, and the second at low ones (x1.1 to x1.2). For this, the autoplay feature is perfect – you adjust the odds and enjoy the flight every round.
  3. High stakes. This method is suitable for true connoisseurs of gambling. If you bet large sums and have time to take them before the crash, the winnings will be significant at once. To at least somewhat insure yourself, it is better to withdraw earnings at small odds.
Aviatrix game strategy

Explore the slot machine Aviatrix and check the working strategy is possible in the free version. On the demo account will be 3000 coins, which you can dispose of at your discretion. Withdraw earnings in the demo version is impossible, but you can learn to play.


There is no universal recipe for monetary success, but there are proven strategies that are used in crash games. It is important for the gambler to choose a comfortable rhythm, learn how to use statistics and the autoplay function.

The multiplier at which the flight is interrupted – the value is unpredictable. The player’s task is to influence the factors that can be influenced, namely, the size of bets and withdrawal time.

Also, it is recommended to spend no more than an hour per session at the online casino, because attention is gradually dulled and the risk of losing earned money is higher. You can practice and learn the strategy in the free version of the slot Aviatrix.

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