Aviator game strategies: how to win

How to win in the game Aviator, not to fail and not to drain the budget? This question worries both newcomers and experienced users of online casinos who want to improve their skills and earn more. We tell you about the strategies for playing Aviator that will help you make good profits.

Let’s start with the fact that the game is built on a random number generator, so it’s impossible to calculate the result in advance. But, there are working tips from experienced players that contribute to good winnings and help keep the process under control.

One bet or two

Aviator gives you the opportunity to play two bets at the same time. The two-betting strategy is suitable for more experienced players, but beginners are recommended to use a one-betting strategy. In this case, it is easier to keep attention, reduce risks and control the course of the game.

Aviator game strategies: how to win

Low odds tactics

This is the most comfortable way to save and multiply money. The essence is to have time to withdraw the money at a multiplier of x1.2 and x1.21. Since it requires special attention, the option of automatic bets and autocashout is created to help the player. Automatic withdrawal is carried out exactly at the moment when the plane takes off to the specified odds.

This tactic seems boring and slow for many, but it is the least risky. Disadvantages: you get the minimum percentage of the given amount, and in case of losing you have to win back for a long time. A crash before reaching the specified odds is not ruled out, so we cannot call this tactic 100% working.

Aviator game strategies: how to win

Take a moderate risk

The second tactic is to take moderate risks and is suitable for those who are ready to sacrifice their money in case of emergency. In this tactic, the withdrawal goes to multipliers x2-x3. The plane does not always reach these odds, the probability of winning is about 40%. If you follow the past odds closely and know how to analyze statistics, this tactic will help you win if you haven’t had a good multiplier in a long time.

Big risk tactics

This tactic is either lucky or not. High odds fall once every 60-80 minutes, so it is important to keep track of the game statistics. In this case, no one guarantees that x100 or x200 will fall exactly in this time interval. Such tactics are designed for a one-time, but large winnings, it will not bring stable earnings. Gamblers gambling, risky, adrenaline-loving players such a scheme is suitable.

Two betting strategies

Aviator has a unique opportunity to play two bets at the same time. The meaning is not different from playing with one bet, but requires more experience and care. Here you can also play on low bets by enabling automatic mode. The second option is to withdraw one bet at a low rate, and the second one at a moderate rate.

Choosing a high risk, do not play two bets at once. One leave for a moderate multiplier, and the second you can risk.

Aviator game strategies: how to win

Conclusions and Recommendations

Aviator is a gambling entertainment, so no scheme will give you a guaranteed win and stable earnings.

What is important to know:

  • the speed of the plane is not adjustable, it is impossible to predict how quickly the cornball will reach the desired odds and whether the crash will happen in a fraction of a second before the expected withdrawal of money;
  • there is no regularity in the slot, there is no stable working strategies, lifehacks and tricks that guarantee winnings.


  • analyze the schedule, but rely on luck and attentiveness – the longer you try to calculate something, the faster you lose concentration and risk losing even in a successful round;
  • do not make large bets, if you do not want to drain the budget – it is recommended to bet no more than 10% of the deposit;
  • stop the game in time and do not set a goal to win large sums at once – earned a plus of 10-15%, it is already good, you can stop and withdraw.

Each player eventually chooses something of his own, which works and helps to win money. Reviews, YouTube videos, chatting and, of course, the experience you gain by trial and error can help you. Many players get decent winnings and believe in luck. Trust your luck too, play Aviator and win!

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