Promo codes and bonuses in the game Lucky Jet

To attract users’ attention to a particular slot, the owners of virtual clubs encourage new members and active users with bonuses. Lucky Jet promo code activates benefits for newcomers and experienced players. We tell you where to get and how to apply current promo codes for the popular analogue of the game Aviator – Lucky Jet slot.

Actual Lucky Jet vouchers

This is a special combination of letters and numbers, applying which the player receives a bonus accrual to his game balance. The amount of money is equal to the face value of the voucher.

You can find the voucher in Lucky Jet’s Telegram channel with signals, where the administration puts out bonuses of 10-10000 rubles face value. The reward is activated on the principle – who was the first, has time. The code used by one player is automatically canceled for all others. The amount received can not only be won back, it can be withdrawn. This is fundamentally different from a promo code, which we will tell you about below.

Today’s promo code: AVIALUC500

Promo code for newbies

This offer is only relevant when registering a new profile. For newcomers online casino site gives the opportunity to get a bonus after entering a certain combination of symbols. Each online casino has its own set of starter rewards, information about which you can learn in advance at the site 1win or on another site where you register. Also the latest information can be found in social networks online institution, reviews on YouTube, in telegrams.

How to activate a Lucky Jet promo code

Methods for activating promo codes may vary slightly depending on the chosen gaming site, but the algorithm is about the same everywhere. Once you know the actual combination of numbers, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Copy the code.
  2. Paste the copied value into an empty field that will appear when you activate your account on the official website of the online casino.
  3. Confirm the registration using the link that will come to your email or cell phone.
  4. Refill your gaming account and your balance will instantly increase.

This gift increases your deposit by 500%. That is, if you deposit 100 rubles. and enter the secret code, the system will automatically add 500 rubles.

This amount should be wagered; it is not possible to withdraw it from your account, but you will be able to increase it. Conditions of use of prize offers can be read in a special section on the official site of the site.

What gives a Lucky Jet promo code

A special code of letters and numbers is offered as a starting incentive for all new registered participants. This is a gift from the administration of the casino, he gives a chance to multiply money, as well as to try the slot, if you do not understand the rules so far. Everyone who successfully registered, the online casino makes a welcome gift.

Another type of bonus is a cashback, which amounts to 30% of the lost bets. So you kind of insure some of your money and don’t lose it completely. This code is available to beginners and experienced users.

First deposit bonus 500%

Here you yourself regulate the size of the deposit and the amount that will appear given the application of the promo code. The more money you put into your account, the larger the final amount will be. That is to say, having deposited 5,000 rubles, you increase your deposit and get 25,000 rubles. Using these funds you can learn the rules and mechanisms of the game, try out strategies without losing your own money. Accrual is instant, you can play and win immediately after registration.

Today’s promo code: AVIALUC500

Logically, it is better not to spare money on the first deposit, because the more funds you deposit, the more you get.

Cashback at Lucky Jet

The most active users of the crash money game Lucky Jet can earn cashback. Cashback gives online casinos as part of special programs, which is involved in a particular game. At 1win, part of the lost funds returned once a week. The size of the return depends on the activity of the participant for a certain period. The returned funds can be used for new bets. Judging by the reviews of participants, cashback allows you not to lose money, win back and increase their earnings.

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