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How not to turn gambling into an addiction and enjoy it? First of all, it is important to perceive them not as a way to earn money, but as a hobby or entertainment. Yes, you can also earn money in online casinos, but to make earnings their goal – not the right approach. Any game consists of victories and defeats – this should be treated calmly.

Agreeing with the rules of the online casino and the rules of a particular game, the user assumes responsibility for all bets made and money spent. In turn, the online casino creates comfortable conditions for the player and provides only original software from developers.

Nevertheless, often players get carried away too much, losing decent amounts. And this inevitably leads to psychological and financial problems.

We have prepared recommendations that will help players to take a more responsible attitude to gambling entertainment and keep their sanity.

Be able to keep yourself in control

Any gambling entertainment is subject to the rules, but luck plays a key role here – it is impossible to calculate the result of the round in advance. In the pursuit of luck, many lose control, drain large amounts and try to win back.

  • Allocate a specific time for the game. Attention is dulled after 1-2 hours of play, so make it a rule to play no more than two hours a day. This way you will keep your concentration and avoid mistakes.
  • Determine your measure. Clearly determine how much money you are willing to spend on bets. As soon as you get close to this amount, stop playing.
  • Do not try to win back immediately. The desire to win back the lost amount often turns out to be too emotional and rash actions that lead to even greater financial losses.

How to determine if you have a gambling problem
Between the pleasure of the gambling process and addiction sometimes passes an imperceptible line. Answering the following questions can help you recognize the problem.

  • Does gambling affect your work or school?
  • Have there been any condemnations from family and friends about your gambling?
  • Have you had to borrow money to continue gambling?
  • Have you hid from family or friends how much money you spend on gambling?
  • Do you tend to win back immediately after a loss?
  • Does gambling help distract you from everyday life?
  • Does your mood depend on losing or winning?

If you answered most of the questions in the affirmative, this is a red flag and a reason to seek help to reduce the negative impact of gambling.

Limits for players

To ensure that the games do not lead to addiction, the online casino can set limits that can not be exceeded. The gambling club carries out independent monitoring, and automatically imposes a ban on continuing to play once the set limits are reached.

Games for adults

Another measure that is designed to protect from the negative impact of gambling is the ability to register only adult users. If you are under 18 years old, you will not be able to register in your personal account under your own data, and an attempt to register under someone else’s data will lead to blocking.

Licensed site

Responsible approach on the part of the online casino implies the mandatory presence of a license, original software from developers and fair payouts. Game statistics are available to all users.

When can I play for money?

  1. To make real bets, you will need to:
    Register, indicating your real data. The system will also require verification, for which you need to provide an identity document.
  2. Refill your account in your personal cabinet. You can deposit money in any convenient way, using the proposed payment systems.

How to cope with gambling addiction?

If you notice signs of gambling addiction in yourself or your loved ones, seek help from a psychologist or a doctor. Gaming addiction is a condition that requires help, it is almost impossible to cope with it on your own. Measures taken in time will help avoid negative consequences.

Websites that help people suffering from gambling addiction:

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