How to win at Lucky Jet: game strategies

To win and earn, players look for special strategies Lucky Jet – experiment with bets, analyze statistics, develop observation. The slot is built on a pseudorandom number generator and it is impossible to predict the result. But, there are working schemes that will help multiply the money.

How to win at Lucky Jet: game strategies

Strategy games in Lucky Jet with one bet

The machine gives the opportunity to play with two bets, which is more suitable for experienced users. Beginners are better to start with one bet, so it will be easier to learn the rules, get acquainted with the interface and not to drain the deposit.

How to win at Lucky Jet: game strategies

Least risk tactics when playing for money in Lucky Jet

The tactic is built on playing with the minimum odds. As soon as Lucky Joe gets to multiplier x1.1, the player presses the cashout and the money is withdrawn to the gaming account. This is a safe way to play the game, which can be conducted in automatic mode. It is not possible to get a big score here, but with the increase in the size of the bet, the winnings also grow.

It is impossible to call the scheme 100% successful because about once an hour Lucky Joe flies away at odds of x1 and the money bet is burned. It takes a long time to win back in this mode.

Moderate Risk Tactics

This approach promises a more dynamic and risky game. In this case, the player has the task to wait until Lucky Joe takes off on his backpack to the odds of x2-x3. The ability to analyze statistics is important here, because somewhere in 60% the main character flies off the playing field without gaining the desired height. However, this way of playing will not let you lose large sums if you lose, and the probability of winning is still quite high.

Playing Lucky Jet with high risks

There are gambling enthusiasts who hunt for multipliers of x100 and x200. Luck falls out once every hour and a half. This requires a good understanding of statistics, the ability to take risks and bet at the right time. This scheme is aimed at one-time big winnings, but does not guarantee a stable income.

How to win with two bets

Playing with two bets means that the chances of winning are doubled. With this method you need more attention, it is suitable for experienced gamblers.

We wait for rounds with higher odds, put the first Bet to the minimum in auto mode, and the second Bet to a multiplier of x4-x5. If the second bet is unlucky, the first is almost always guaranteed to help save the budget.

You can play with two bets and the minimum odds, for this set the automatic mode and follow the game.

Conclusions and rules

What you need to know about Lucky Jet:

  • the result is programmed in advance and does not depend on the player’s reaction speed;
  • online casino always has an advantage, the owner of the software will not go into deficit;
  • the longer the flight time, the higher the coefficient;
  • there are no ways to “hack” and interfere in the gameplay, as everything is regulated by the official server of the developer.

The rules of a successful game:

  1. Play without emotion and know how to stop in time. Too gambler loses attention and makes spontaneous decisions that do not lead to anything good. Play no longer than one hour a day.
  2. If you are unlucky for a long time and lose several times in a row, it is better to quit the game and try again another time. Emotional attention is dulled, an unhealthy excitement occurs, which leads to loss of the deposit.
  3. Do not bet more than 10% of the deposit amount. Yes, the winnings will be small, but in case of loss you will lose only a small portion and will not lose your money.
  4. Stick to your goals. If your goal is a stable income, it is better to play safe and stop the game when you have earned 10-15% of your deposit. If you are not afraid to take risks, then even using the above tactics, there is no guarantee that the money will not be completely lost.

Strategies are recommendations, they may or may not work for you personally. Something you will come up with on your own or learn from reviews, YouTube videos, articles, etc. The reward depends on chance, knowledge of the rules, bet size and faith in luck. Many win in Lucky Jet large sums, try and you!

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