Jet X: Strategies and tactics for a successful game

Why do some people easily win round sums at Jet X, while others rely only on luck? Success lies in the use of Jet X strategies, which help you win more often and more. The results of the rounds are based on a random number generator, so it is impossible to calculate the exact outcome of events. But it is possible to use time-tested and experienced players strategies – they are often the key to victory.

Jet X strategies for one bet

Recall the rules of the slot: the player puts money, the plane takes off and at this time the odds are growing. The task is to stop the plane and withdraw the money before it crashes. And it is desirable to do it at the most favorable multiplier.

In Jet X there is an opportunity to play with one bet or two. Beginners are always better to start with one – in this case, it is easier to follow the game, and there is no risk of losing the deposit at once.

  • The tactic of the least risk in Jet X. The essence is to play in automatic mode at a multiplier of x1.1. This is the minimum multiplier, which gives a small but guaranteed increase. Increase your bet by 10% with each round until it doubles. Since the plane almost always reaches x1.1, there is almost no risk. Sometimes the machine gives x1.02 or x1, and this often happens in a row. If you get a low coefficient, skip 2-3 moves and play on. This method is suitable for patient players, while bringing stable earnings.
  • The tactic of moderate risk. Determine in advance the amount of the game balance in order to calculate the size of bets. Good winnings bring the Martingale method, when you double your bet after a loss. Since in most cases the loss is followed by a winning round, there is an opportunity to win back money.
  • A risky tactic for making fast money at Jet X. In order to take risks and get large sums of money, you need to carefully study the statistics. As experienced users assure, multipliers x100-x200 fall out once an hour. To do this, go to the game, study the tables with statistics and calculate the right time.

Game strategy for two simultaneous bets

To play two bets, you need more experience and attention. The good thing about these strategies is that they allow you to win a lot more.

Wait for the high odds rounds to start and place two bets. Set up the first one in automatic mode, with a multiplier of x2, and track the second one manually and stop the plane at x4-x5. Even if the second bet loses, the first will recoup the money invested.

Another way is to play large amounts of low odds in auto mode with one bet. And the second is to manage manually, waiting for high multipliers. As a result, you either win or minimize the risk of losing.

General tips on Jet X

Gambling is addictive, and the lust for winning can dull your attention. This is usually the case when there are consecutive winnings – it is difficult to stop.

In addition to strategies there are important rules to follow at Jet X.

  • Spend no more than an hour in the online casino. Keeping your attention for more than 60 minutes is almost impossible. Take breaks and get out of the slot machine in time. To earn, you need to play with a “cool head”, not on emotions.
  • Bet no more than 10% of the deposit. No sense to set a large sum, because they are easy to lose quickly. It is better to win small amounts, but more often, while maintaining the deposit.
  • Set goals. We recommend setting realistic goals, such as earning a specific amount per day. Yes, it is very nice to crash the jackpot, but it is not always justified. If you are fluent in tactics, then sooner or later you will hit the jackpot, and save the deposit, even if at some point unlucky. Be patient, and everything will work out.
  • Advise experienced gamblers, study telegram chats and social networks dedicated to the slot.

Winning is based on three basic principles: luck, strategy and cold-blooded calculation. This is not once proved by experienced players who earn in this exciting slot. Get acquainted with the rules you can in a free trial version of Jet X.

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