Speed and Cash: A Money Game Review

Speed and Cash from 1win is the new word in crash games for money. Stunning graphics and animation will awaken excitement in both beginners and experienced users. In addition, the slot provides the opportunity to win really good money. Thousands of players choose the exciting Speed and Cash money races because they really bring winnings.

Speed and Cash: A Money Game Review

What’s important to know about Speed and Cash

The rules of the slot is very simple, but require the player’s concentration and attention. Who has already played once in a crash game, will quickly understand what the point is. By and large, the slot does not differ much in mechanics from the same aviator. However, instead of one airplane on the playing field there are two cars blue and orange. Cars drive forward, but at any time one of them can be detained by the police. Also, the car can accelerate and leave the screen at absolutely any rate. In both cases, this will mean that the bet is burned. To win, the user needs to stop the car before it is apprehended or driven off the field. The winnings are equal to the size of the bet multiplied by the odds.

Advantages of the slot:

  • bright graphics and animation;
  • simple game rules and clear controls;
  • large winnings.

Speed and Cash game algorithm

And now let’s move on to the rules of the slot. They are quite simple, you can learn n practice them in the demo version, or by using the welcome bonuses at registration online casinos. The demo version allows you to get acquainted with the game without the risk of losing money.


  1. Make a bet before the start of the race. On the left under the playing field there are boxes in which you enter the values. Here is also a button that activates the bet in the next round. You can play two cars at the same time. You can also play one car – blue or yellow to choose from, you can change these cars.
  2. Watch the race and the growth of the multiplier. The multiplier is displayed directly on the playing field. During the race, keep a close eye on the multiplier, because at any moment the car can be detained or it will leave.
  3. Withdraw money and win. Stop the car at a favorable multiplier and get your winnings. To withdraw money, press the same buttons as for betting. You can withdraw money manually each round, or in automatic mode.
Speed and Cash: A Money Game Review

But that’s not all. In addition to playing Speed n Cash like a regular crash game, it has a betting feature for winning a yellow or blue car. If you guess the winner, you win, if not, you lose. This distinguishes Speed n Cash from similar slots such as Aviator, Lucky Jet, Jet X.

Earn large sums of money is real if you understand the rules well and control your excitement. Many people try to cheat the slot, but it is impossible to interfere with the technology. Experienced players have developed a number of strategies that allow you to manage bets and odds so that absolutely fair to achieve good results.

  • Low odds strategy. A good method for patient gamers, as it implies playing on multipliers x1.1-1.3. In rare cases, the machine does not reach these odds, so there is almost always a chance to win. Since the multiplier is small, the deposit increases slowly. The strategy is good to use in autoplay mode, where there is no need each round to monitor the size of bets or odds. The method is suitable for beginners.
  • Risk strategy. This tactic for more experienced gamers who know how to analyze statistics. That is, it is necessary to know in advance, in what intervals high odds fall out and only then go on the risk.

These strategies can be combined, for example, to play in automatic mode at low odds, and when a certain period of time passes – to increase rates and odds.

Basic Functions

Now it’s important to understand what all those buttons, pictures and inscriptions on the screen mean when you enter the game. There is nothing superfluous in the slot, each button and each section perform their function and help the player earn money.

How to place bets, we have already understood. Now let’s take a closer look at how to make auto bets.

  • To activate the automatic game, put a tick in the line “Auto bet”. In this case, bets are made automatically, they do not need to be set manually every time.
  • To enable automatic withdrawal, click on “Auto Withdrawal” on the game panel and set the odds value. The money will be withdrawn independently when the car reaches the specified coefficient. If the car is eliminated from the race earlier, the bet will be burned.

Statistics and Live Bets:

  • to the left of the playing field is a panel that displays bets made by players in the current round.
  • the “my bets” bar shows the bets made by the user during the game;
  • the “top” panel provides game statistics that can be analyzed to develop a strategy and track the frequency with which high odds fall.

Speed n Cash also has an in-game chat room where users share their impressions and ask each other questions. However, advertising, signals and third-party links are not allowed. The administration of the bookmaker’s office sends the user to the ban for violating the rules.

If you want, you can turn off the animation and only the growing odds will be visible. The slot is launched by default with music, which can be turned off in the settings.

How to check the fairness of the game Speed n Cash

Provably Fair – “provable fairness” cryptographic technology is used to determine the outcome of the game. The technology excludes any influence of outsiders on the game process. This means that neither casinos nor third-party programmers can influence the result of the game, accordingly, it is impossible to hack the Speed n Cash.

The result of the race is predetermined at the very beginning of the round. Client sids are generated on the first three players who made a bet and the operator of the game. The combined sids then form a hash, which determines the result of the round. It sounds complicated, but in the settings of the slot, there is a section with a detailed explanation of how this algorithm works.

Speed and Cash: A Money Game Review

Not unimportant is also the site on which the game is presented. Online casino should have a license and the software should be provided exclusively by developers, not third-party companies. Information about licenses can be found on the site with gambling entertainment.

Where to play Speed n Cash

The slot can be found on the official sites of gambling clubs, in particular the casino 1win. The game is quickly launched from both a computer and a cell phone. Technical requirements for devices are minimal, the main thing is to have a stable Internet connection.

For Android, the developers have created an application. It can not be downloaded from Google Play, but you can download from the official website and install it on your cell phone.

How to Deposit

Since you can only play for money with a deposit, you will need to deposit funds into your account. Depending on the online casino site you choose, the methods of making a deposit may vary slightly.

  • If you are not registered in the system, make a registration.
  • Choose the currency in which you will deposit and withdraw money.
  • Choose a payment system. Casino supports most payment systems, so there should not be any difficulties.
  • Specify the amount and click “Deposit”. The money will be instantly credited to your account.

Analogues and similar to Speed n Cash

Although Speed n Cash slot is visually very different from the classic crash games, its mechanics are similar to Aviator, Lucky Jet, Aviatrix and Jet X. An additional feature of Speed n Cash is that you can bet on the winner in the game.

Demo mode or simulator – how and where to play?

The demo version gives you the opportunity to play Speed n Cash for free. The trial version is enough for the player to learn the rules and make a choice – to play or not to play further. Demo mode does not require registration and is available on almost all sites online casinos. On some sites will need to undergo a quick registration, but not necessarily a deposit.

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